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History behind Foundation for Training in Universal Energy
In 1992, a group of Master Dang’s students brought this U.E. teaching to Thailand, both in Bangkok and in the provinces. One of them was Mrs. Ti Huong Dummer, a Vietnamese who is known among the Thai students as “Arjan Tiva”. At the beginning, several classes, which took place at Wat Khema-Phirataram, and was taught by Mrs. Dummer attracted many students. But later, Mrs. Dummer had to go back to her family in Germany. One of her own students who has shown great enthusiasm in this U.E. teaching, enough to travel abroad to learn from the Master Dang himself on many occasions was General Kasem Naparswad. He has seriously studied and practised the U.E. teaching until he was assured that this teaching would bring lots of benefit for mankind without breaking or contradicting any laws and regulations of his home country, Thailand.

The Foundation for Training in Universal Energy (F.T.U.E.) was thus established in Bangkok, Thailand. The operating license was granted by the Office of the National Culture Commission on September 14, 1994, with General Kasem Naparswad as the President.

The headquarters of F.T.U.E. is a 4-storey building on 320.80 sq.m. of land located at Rattanathibet Road, next to the Central Rattanathibet Center. The F.T.U.E.’s office was officially inaugurated on April 17,1997. It also has its sub-centers in Bangkok and in many provinces all over Thailand. Each sub-center is governed, certified and supported by F.T.U.E. Head office at the following address:

2 Soi Rattanathibet28 Yak2
Muang, Nonthaburi 11000
Tel./Fax 662 054 1801 . E-mail: OR

Objectives of Foundation for Training in Universal Energy

Re: Permit license No. Toh 724/2537
Office of the National Culture Commission
Dated: September 14,1994
1.To promote and to support the practise of U.E. for healing and improving both spiritual and physical health for all, regardless of race or religion.
2.To promote awareness of good physical health by helping all mankind completely and free of charge.
3.To share and to improve the U.E. teaching in both theoretical and practical aspects together with the other International S.H.Y. centers for general benefits of mankind.
4.To assist other agencies including the government, private agencies, associations, foundations, charitable societies, etc. to develop and to improve mankind’s well-bring of both physical and mental health.
5.To provide some other public benefits and welfare, and also to collaborate with other charitable agencies to provide public benefits.

All above activities must absolutely not be involved with any politics issues.

(Mr. Nanthasarn Srisalab)
Deputy Secretary General
Office of the National Culture Commission

Activities in the F.T.U.E. Headquarters
1. Healing – everyday – from 09.00 to 15.00 hours. No Fee – completely free of charge.
2. Universal Energy Classes – Level 1-5 are available on every first Saturday of each month.
3. Normally on the third weekend of the month from 09.00 – 12.00 hours. would be for holding Committee meetings, or meetings among the chief of F.T.U.E’s sub-centers or meetings with invited special guest speakers. Those activities are available only once in every 2-3 months period.
4. Refreshing classes for previous U.E. students, are available on every 4th Saturday of each month between 14.00 -15.30 hours.
5. Praying session at Buddha Image’s room on the 4th floor on every 4th Saturday of each month at 15.45 hours and will be followed by meditation session.
6. Staff members at F.T.U.E are available during the office hours to give advice and to answer any U.E. related questions to interested persons, by phone or by visit.

Activities outside the Headquarters
1. Conducting classes and lectures on U.E. subjects upon invitation.
2. Giving donations and to contribute to individual requests or group of individuals with approval by the committee members.
3. Participating in and/or exchanging / sharing experiences with similar or different teachings from U.E. groups both in/out the country.
Branches of the Foundation for Training in Universal Energy in Thailand

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